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Hi guys. It’s been a busy time for me. Catching up with works and life. I’m planning to do more and time to get serious with photography. Here is DMC Arancio Argos from last MECH photoshoot just to keep the blog warm.


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F430 Scuderia

It was a long day today. I was trying to do manipulation with a wedding theme, but couldn’t get a good stock image. So I ended up doing another car manipulation.

A horse in front of  The Royal Exchange Theater.

F430 Scuderia


Background image from Google. Copyright remains to its original owner. taken without permission.
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M-Class R8

Hello everyone. It is been tiring month for me because of Ramadhan. Not much activity going on for me. Plus, I missed the 2nd ZTH: Time To Attack due to some business I had to deal with. But, nevertheless, I will try to update as much as possible.
R8 cruising the night

R8 Cruising the night.
My first photo manipulation. The R8 was taken by me, while other images are taken from Google (without permission). Copyrights remain to their respective owners.

2012 M-Class


The new 2012 M-Class by Mercedes.
I had the opportunity to follow Live Life Drive crew for their media drive by Mercedes. It was a new and great experience for me as I could see how the media conduct their test-drive and to see them working on article on the particular car.

LiveLifeDrive’s Facebook

Photography: Panning

Since I started this hobby, I always wanted to do panning photography. For those who don’t know about panning, check out this link from Digital Photography School.

I received an invitation from to cover for them Time To Attack (TTA) organized by This is a golden opportunity for me to put my panning theory in practice and to be frank I was quite nervous. This is my first time to be at Sepang International Circuit and my first time to do panning (car) after 4 years I bought my camera.

 These were taken at a straight run. As you can see, the blurry motions were not quite obvious. I was using fast shutter speed (mostly at 1/320) to avoid from blurring too much, but then I sacrificed the motion blur.


I changed my game-plan. I went to a corner because cars will slow down when approaching a corner. Now I could use slower shutter speed (1/50 f20) and the results surprised me. I could keep the car sharp in focus and still managed to capture the motions. What I did to keep the focus sharp was while focusing (Ai Servo), I kept my eye on an obvious small mark of the car. Usually a side mirror or a door handle. When the car approached the corner, I held my breath, keep my back straight, focus locked and followed the car while bursting the shutter.


Since TTA was mostly about timing, drivers kept their distance between each others so that they could record fastest lap without being interrupted. It was quite hard to get side by side action at the corner. When each lap was over, where team could do some repairs and maintenance to their machines, a drag race was organized to keep the heats up.


At the same time, outside the circuit, Conemaster International Gymkhana Challenge was held. For me, this is basically a small drift challenge where drivers need to go around a swirly track as fast as the can.


I was at the circuit from 8am till 6pm when it started to rain. Thank you to Awesome Powered for the opportunity.

Check out their entry (most of my pictures are there :P ) with more elaborate writing  for Time To Attack 2012 here.
Check out their website at and

Actually I was about to write about how to do panning, technicalities, shutter speed etc etc. But then I realised there are probably thousand of websites and Youtube videos already talking about it. Even Wikipedia has an entry teaching about it. Since I’m not very good at writting and blogging, I just show you my first ever circuit panning :P I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Here’s a bonus picture of a black Celica.


Click for larger resolution

Feel free to leave comments, hates, critiques, bashing etc etc at the comment section below :P


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