#vapeon: Legalize or….

Vape or traditionally known as an electronic cigarette is a controversial topic in Malaysia. From the uncertainty enforcement from the authority, the “buang-harga” seller, the never-ending FB group drama, to the “budak-budak baru nak up, cloud vaping kat mamak restoran sampai kacau orang” type. But one thing for sure that will unite us all is the topic of BANNING of VAPE.

The last crucial update from Ska Mohd Basir, President of MoVE (Malaysian Organization of Vape Entity) on 2nd of October 2015 was:


Briefly, he was notified by “orang atas” that vape will be banned commencing soon. Rumour has it, it is going to be around November. Two main points that are brought up by the authority are uncontrollable selling to the underage and inadequate standard of manufacturing of e-liquids.

Seriously, HELLO !!!! why don’t we deal with the elephant in the room first before looking at the dust under our feet? Just ask any school how many of their student got suspended or expelled because of smoking in school area? Even some of my friends used to smoke in school back then, AND it was a boarding school.

The statement above released a day after OMGvapefest 2015 Press Conference happened on 1st October at SACC Shah Alam. During the PC, Mr Ska was very confident that we are moving positively towards the regulation of vape in Malaysia. Even one of the Youth Parliment member, Ridhwan Rosli attended the PC and gave his full support to MoVE and OMGvapefest 2015. He mentioned that if a total ban were to enforce, vape scene will move under the radar or black market.

Harder to get, YES. But, should we punish people for doing nothing harmful? The only thing that will be harmed, for me personally, is the TAX. Yeap, only that.

Just legalize vape. I mean seriously, look at graffiti. Yes, it is illegal to do it on private property. But with the proper channel, graffiti is considered art. Get on LRT heading from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni, and you can see all these graffiti that once considered ILLEGAL, become art. While vape is not totally an art form, it can become something.

Authority of Malaysia should catch up. The world is not going to wait us. The uncertainty arises because we don’t have any part of the law specific to vape. Is vape illegal? Is it illegal for under-18 to vape? Is it illegal to brew an e-liquids? Ok, even the basic question, what is the definition of vape according to our book of law?

Vape or electronic cigarette started in 1963 and the modern one date in 2003. How long does it take for the authority to catch up?

My take:





The hashtag “#relationshipgoals” has been trending for quite a while. Many shared on their social media post about couples holding hands traveling together, couples laugh together, or even picture of an old couple, hinting subtly to their significant others what they want for their future. I’m afraid that this hashtag has become cliché and overused.

Because, a hashtag is just a hashtag.. just like a dream is just a dream if you don’t wake up and CHASE IT.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet this amazing couple Awal & Scha quite a few times this year. The first one when I was on assignment with SYNCiMAGES covering Mentor Legend TV3.

during mentor legend preview show

during mentor legend preview show

The recent encounter was during “#SehatiSejiwa Bersama #SCHAWAL” by KFC Malaysia happened at View Rooftop Bar Gtower on 10th September 2015. Thanks to Feeqsays for the invite. While shooting video at the event, I noticed something.

How hard working, honest, people (Awal & Scha) do their best to earn the respect. Though I don’t follow the couples update regularly, I’m pretty sure it is not easy to maintain their status. Awal starting as an accountant while Scha as flight stewardess. If they didn’t work hard and chase their dream. I’m pretty sure Awal is just another bloke stuck inside an office cubicle doing office paperwork while Scha is just another stewardess we glimpse during the flight safety instruction.

Why I said they work hard? While arriving at the event, they instantly greet their guest with a smile and down-to-earth handshake. Greeting every guest there. As usual, they had their own reserved table in front of the small stage. When the event started, they took part in every activity planned. Playing Charade with their fans, prize giving ceremony, cake cutting ceremony and many more. You can watch the short video of them that I did for Feeqsays.com here:

Sweet isn’t it?

While doing all these, they took turned to have their meal on their VIP table. They didn’t act like “VIP” or “Diva” that couldn’t be disturbed or say Hi to. While eating, fans queuing up behind them to take selfies and greet them. Trust me (I sat next to the table behind them), some of the selfies of Awal or Scha were with their mouth full of KFC. 😛 But Schawal acted professional and they know how to look good even while chewing.

One occasion that earned my utmost respect to this couple, Awal and Scha, was when Scha had enough of the food, she quickly took a sip of her drink and went straight to her fan to greet them. If I remember it correctly, she mumbled something like “Orite, nak jumpa orang plak” (“alright, time to greet people”).

Seriously, those haters can shut their mouth and keep off their keyboard. Jual anak?? poyo??? etc… they do and did their best. For their future. That is what matters.

I think KFC and many other big brands did a wise choice for choosing them as their brand ambassador. They work hard, they know their fans, they are humble and honest.

Who can stand eating while being pestered by people asking to take selfies?? Awal and Scha does. 

Overall, It was a great event by KFC to appreciate their customers and also bringing fans of Awal and Scha close.

I wish the #SchAwal couple all the best. Hopefully, more brands will get #SchAwal as their representatives.

Enjoy 15sec insta video of the event that I make for Feeqsays.com

Some picture from Feeqsays.com

KFC schawal relationshipgoals KFC schawal relationshipgoals KFC schawal relationshipgoalsKFC schawal relationshipgoals

p/s: Some celebrities can’t even represent and behave themselves. These type usually ended up with low-class movie job or create controversy to steal the spotlight.

My view for tonight


This is my view for tonight. Yes, I know this is not a great photo. Just a random snapshot from my phone and edited using photoshop. But what the hell, I need something to kick start this my-random-stuff blog thing. So here it is. For tonight view, it all thanks to my good friend http://feeqsays.com (Feeq) for the invitation. To experience a new up and coming resort suite stay in Sunway.

From the previous post dated 11th of July 2014, it showed that a new stuff coming soon. That is my official, proper, “professional-looking” photography website. I already launched the site and already running for a few months. Changed the logo to suite the look and timless feeling.

You guys can visit my very own http://hafizzainal.co

I will write more about my website soon.

Just to reintroduce myself, I’m Hafiz. A photographer. Yeap, short. because that is all to know about me at the moment. I used to use this blog to share the photos I took from any event that I attended. From big car race event to a simple car meet-up. From friend’s wedding to an actual client wedding. From simple photography to manipulation technique.

With the new people i’ve met through out the year, hopefully, I can make use of this blog; to share knowledge and keep improving myself.

I’m Hafiz, nice to meet you.

It’s been awhile…

Hi guys. It’s been a busy time for me. Catching up with works and life. I’m planning to do more and time to get serious with photography. Here is DMC Arancio Argos from last MECH photoshoot just to keep the blog warm.


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F430 Scuderia

It was a long day today. I was trying to do manipulation with a wedding theme, but couldn’t get a good stock image. So I ended up doing another car manipulation.

A horse in front of  The Royal Exchange Theater.

F430 Scuderia


Background image from Google. Copyright remains to its original owner. taken without permission.
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M-Class R8

Hello everyone. It is been tiring month for me because of Ramadhan. Not much activity going on for me. Plus, I missed the 2nd ZTH: Time To Attack due to some business I had to deal with. But, nevertheless, I will try to update as much as possible.
R8 cruising the night

R8 Cruising the night.
My first photo manipulation. The R8 was taken by me, while other images are taken from Google (without permission). Copyrights remain to their respective owners.

2012 M-Class


The new 2012 M-Class by Mercedes.
I had the opportunity to follow Live Life Drive crew for their media drive by Mercedes. It was a new and great experience for me as I could see how the media conduct their test-drive and to see them working on article on the particular car.

LiveLifeDrive’s Facebook