My view for tonight


This is my view for tonight. Yes, I know this is not a great photo. Just a random snapshot from my phone and edited using photoshop. But what the hell, I need something to kick start this my-random-stuff blog thing. So here it is. For tonight view, it all thanks to my good friend (Feeq) for the invitation. To experience a new up and coming resort suite stay in Sunway.

From the previous post dated 11th of July 2014, it showed that a new stuff coming soon. That is my official, proper, “professional-looking” photography website. I already launched the site and already running for a few months. Changed the logo to suite the look and timless feeling.

You guys can visit my very own

I will write more about my website soon.

Just to reintroduce myself, I’m Hafiz. A photographer. Yeap, short. because that is all to know about me at the moment. I used to use this blog to share the photos I took from any event that I attended. From big car race event to a simple car meet-up. From friend’s wedding to an actual client wedding. From simple photography to manipulation technique.

With the new people i’ve met through out the year, hopefully, I can make use of this blog; to share knowledge and keep improving myself.

I’m Hafiz, nice to meet you.

It’s been awhile…

Hi guys. It’s been a busy time for me. Catching up with works and life. I’m planning to do more and time to get serious with photography. Here is DMC Arancio Argos from last MECH photoshoot just to keep the blog warm.


Stay tune for my personal Facebook page soon


F430 Scuderia

It was a long day today. I was trying to do manipulation with a wedding theme, but couldn’t get a good stock image. So I ended up doing another car manipulation.

A horse in front of  The Royal Exchange Theater.

F430 Scuderia


Background image from Google. Copyright remains to its original owner. taken without permission.
Comments and critics are welcomed

M-Class R8

Hello everyone. It is been tiring month for me because of Ramadhan. Not much activity going on for me. Plus, I missed the 2nd ZTH: Time To Attack due to some business I had to deal with. But, nevertheless, I will try to update as much as possible.
R8 cruising the night

R8 Cruising the night.
My first photo manipulation. The R8 was taken by me, while other images are taken from Google (without permission). Copyrights remain to their respective owners.

2012 M-Class


The new 2012 M-Class by Mercedes.
I had the opportunity to follow Live Life Drive crew for their media drive by Mercedes. It was a new and great experience for me as I could see how the media conduct their test-drive and to see them working on article on the particular car.

LiveLifeDrive’s Facebook


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